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Candela L., Kakaletris G., Pagano P. D4SCIENCEII - Interoperability Solutions. Data Infrastructures Ecosystem for Science. Deliverable DNA4.1, 2010.
The realisation of a knowledge ecosystem requires the identification and deployment of a set of interoperability approaches and solutions making the interaction among the resources partaking to it feasible. The interoperability scenarios to be addressed depend on a set of factors including the type of resources involved, the kind of interaction to be realised, the technologies these resources have been implemented with. This deliverable describes a portfolio of standards (de jure or de facto), approaches and solutions that have been discussed and identified in the context of a working group operated by the D4Science-II project having as members representatives of the AquaMaps, D4Science, DRIVER, FAO, GENESI-DR and INSPIRE data infrastructures and resource providers. This working group surveyed the characteristics of the resources offered by each infrastructure as well as the standards and approaches put in place by them to "expose" their resources and simplify their consumption from third parties.
Subject System interoperability: approaches and solutions
D4Science-II project
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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