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Bijsterbosch M., Elbęk M. K., Manghi P., Manola N., Schirrwagen J., Vanderfeesten M. OpenAIRE - Specs for interoperability with existing CRIS-systems and Commission tools. Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe. Deliverable D7.1, 2010.
The aim of the OpenAIRE system is to harvest publication bibliographic metadata from institutional and subject-based repositories, e.g., Open Access Repositories (OAR), and in parallel to fetch project metadata from the CORDA database of the European Commision to enable ways for interconnecting the two, in order to identify, capture and measure the results obtained through EC fundings in FP7 projects. This deliverable explores two main issues related with the above scenario: (i) the possibility for OpenAIRE to interoperate with existing CRIS-OAR environments, which already have started to establish similar principles and exchange mechanisms for an integrated research environment, and (ii) the methodology adopted and agreed by OpenAIRE and the CORDA database EC service to make the two systems interoperate on the logical level and develop services to ingest project information into OpenAIRE.
Subject Open Access Repositories: Interoperability
CRIS Systems
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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