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De Cola T., Ferro E., Celandroni N., Gotta A., Roseti C., Caini C., Cruishunk H., Bisio I. SatNEx III - Review of the DTN State of the Art. Satellite Network of Excellence III. Deliverable TN 3.1, 2010.
The aim of this Technical Note (TN) is to perform the state of the art of relevant DTN- related documents with explicit reference to the DTN protocol stack, building upon the Bundle Protocol. In addition, for the sake of the completeness, documents focusing on general delay/disruption tolerant networks are reported. The document is structured as follows: . Section 2: DTN Protocol Architecture. It is devoted to the standardisation activities carried out in this field, with particular attention on IETF and CCSDS standardisation bodies. . Section 3: Scanning the literature. Main publications coming from IEEE and ACM along with other prominent editors are shortly reported and considered to identify the current status of research in terms of DTN applications and analysis. . Section 4: DTN projects. It is dedicated to the projects currently ongoing or already finalised, which haven been developed around the concept of DTN. . Section 5: DTN implementation. It reports the current status of available DTN implementation and convergence layer. Some notes about implementation available at partners' premises are also drawn in view of the realisation of a joint testbed as part of Task 3.3.
Subject DTN Protocol Architecture
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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