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Bodei C., Grossi R., Laganą M. R., Righi M. Teaching computer science at school: some ideas. In: WiGoWiN - 1st Internal Conference on What is Going on and What is Next? (Pisa, 26-27 maggio 2010). Atti, pp. 22 - 23. Roberto Bruni, Stefano Chessa, Antonio Cisternino, Gianna M. Del Corso, Nadia Pisanti (eds.). Dipartimento di Informatica, Universitą di Pisa, 2010.
As a young discipline, Computer Science does not rely on longly tested didactic procedures. This allows the experimentation of innovative teaching methods at schools, especially in early childhood education. Our approach is based on the idea that abstracts notions should be gained as the final result of a learning path made of concrete and touchable steps. To illustrate our methodology, we present some of the teaching projects we proposed.
Subject Robot didattica
I.2.9 Robotics

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