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Bertini G., Magrini M., Paolini F. A portable DSP-based device improves music quality for hearing-impaired subjects. Mario Malcangi (ed.). Milano: CLUP, 2010.
Abstract: The paper describes our preliminary results and progress in the design of a portable device, that offers better quality than the usual miniaturized hearing aids for hearing-impaired subjects who listen to music. This can be by achieved employing wideband and high dynamic gain compensation curves obtained with a DSP processor and apply the signal with normal headphones. The first part of the paper refers to the performance of commercial hearing aids and their area of use in reference to the characteristics of human auditory apparatus. Next there is a brief summary of experiments carried out at the Signal&Image Lab of the ISTI-CNR, during which broadband curves (30-16000 Hz) were implemented with a IIR filter bank using a DSP laboratory equipment. We also report preliminary results obtained in tests conducted on some individuals with mild/medium hearing loss. We then describe the current device under development based on a low power, multi-core DSP board by which one can create special gain compensation curves using a single FIR filter. Finally, we describe some of the HW/SW parts required to perform the other system functions.
Subject Hearing aid system
Digital signal processing
Body worn device
H 5.5 Sound and Music Computing
H.5.2 User Interfaces

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