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Dotto E., Perna D., De Luise F., Bernardi F., Barucci M. A., Brucato J. R., Rossi A., Perozzi E., Fornasier S., Valsecchi G. B. Low delta-v near earth objects: a survey of suitable targets for space missions. In: Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society. Abstract, vol. 42 (4) pp. 1053 - 1053. Special issue: 42nd annual meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society. American Astronomical Society, 2010.
In the last years, scientific and technological goals pushed space agencies to plan and launch space missions to Near Earth Objects (NEOs). In this respect, observational programs devoted to the study of the physical nature of NEOs are needed in support of such a future space mission. Starting from the classical definition of "accessibility" of a celestial body in terms of the velocity change (delta-V) needed to realize a rendez-vous mission (e.g. orbiting around an object), it is possible to show that NEOs can be more accessible than the Moon or as difficult to reach as Jupiter and beyond. Our survey is therefore devoted to the study of NEOs that are suitable targets for a future space mission, due to their low delta-V (and short mission duration). The observations of NEOs with favorable accessibility from the Earth, is fundamental in the target selection process, in order to guarantee both technical feasibility and high scientific return.
URL: http://www.abstractsonline.com/Plan/ViewAbstract.aspx?sKey=045167a0-788a-465e-94c4-a7d9b2d680bc&cKey=7c20d6f0-8d54-4a0d-a968-dfcaf9716613&mKey=%7bD515DFC0-245C-4047-81CC-C221DC1A54C6%7d
Subject Near Earth Asteroids
Space missions
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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