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Manghi P., Mikulicic M., Kazai G., Milic-Frayling N., Haughton T., Iatropoulou K., Lempesis A., Manola N. Connecting the Local and the Online in Information Management. In: CIKM 2010 - International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (Toronto, Canada, 26-30 October 2010). Abstract, article n. 1. ACM, 2010.
With the popularity of social media sites, digital content is increasingly stored and managed online. At the same time, the desktop and local storage continues to provide a personal environment in which users perform their daily tasks. Thus, to accomplish their tasks, users need to continuously switch between local and remote resources and applications, often carrying the burden of coordinating and synchronizing these in a consistent way. In this demonstration, we describe a system, called ScholarLynk, that bridges the local and online worlds and allows users to manage both local and online resources in a uniform way and in collaboration with others.
Subject Desktop tagging tool
Scholarly research
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H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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