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Perozzi E., Binzel R. P., Rossi A., Valsecchi G. Asteroids more accessible than the Moon. In: EPSC2010 - European Planetary Science Congress 2010 (Roma, 19 - 24 settembre 2010). Abstract, vol. EPSC Abstracts - 5 p. 750. Europlanet Research Infrastructure, 2010.
Searching for accessible NEAs gained a renewed interest after the recent announcement of the NASA strategic plans, which focus on NEAs as potential targets for extraterrestrial mining and human exploration. Within this framework a general approach to find asteroids more accessible than the Moon has been developed and applied to the whole NEA population. Potential targets are analysed in view of their interest for science and exploration.
Subject Near Earth Asteroids
Space Missions
J..2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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