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Perna D., Barucci A., Dotto E., Fornasier S., De Meo F., Rossi A. Taxonomy and densities of Trans-Neptunian objects. In: EPSC2010 - European Planetary Science Congress 2010 (Roma, 19 - 24 settembre 2010). Abstract, vol. 5 (EPSC Abstracts) article n. 207. Europlanet (ed.). Europlanet Research Infrastructure, 2010.
A Large Programme at ESO has been devoted to the investigation of Centaurs and Trans-Neptunian Objects. In this framework the photometric colors and the light curves of selected targets have been acquired. Here we present and discuss all the results obtained from the photometric technique.
Subject Trans-Neptunian Objects
Rotational dynamics
J..2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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