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Callieri M., Andrei R. M., Di Benedetto M., Zoppè M., Scopigno R. Visualization methods for molecular studies on the Web platform. In: Web3D '10 - 15th International Conference on Web 3D Technology (Los Angeles, USA, 24-25 July 2010). Proceedings, pp. 117 - 126. ACM, 2010.
This work presents a technical solution for the creation of visualization schemes for biological data on the web platform. The proposed technology tries to overcome the standard approach of molecular/biochemical visualization tools, which generally provide a fixed set of visualization methods. This goal is reached by exploiting the capabilities of the WebGL API and the high level objects of the SpiderGL library, these features will give the users the possibility to implement an arbitrary visualization scheme, while keeping simple the implementation process. To better explain the philosophy and capabilities of this technology, we will describe the implementation of the web version of a specific visualization method, demonstrating how it can deal with both the requirements of scientific rigor in manipulating the data and the necessity to produce flexible and appealing rendering styles.
URL: http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1836067&CFID=2635989&CFTOKEN=81583119
DOI: 10.1145/1836049.1836067
Subject Realtime rendering
Web platform
Molecular data
I.3.2 Graphics Systems. Distributed/network
J.3 Life and Medical Sciences. Biology and genetics
68 Computer Science

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