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Ghiani G., Paterṇ F., Santoro C. Partial Web interface migration. In: AVI 2010 - Advanced Visual Interfaces International Working Conference (Rome, Italy, 25-29 May 2010). Proceedings, article n. Workshops. ACM, 2010.
In this paper we present our solution for partial Web migration from large screens to mobile devices: it is based on the use of multiple abstraction levels for describing UIs and a set of transformations that allow the migration of user interface components selected by the user to another device. This feature is particularly useful in complex Web applications, such as various emerging mash-up applications. We also show an example of applying our solution to a Web social game.
Subject Ubiquitous environments
Migratory interfaces
Partial migration
H.5.2 User Interfaces (D.2.2, H.1.2, I.3.6)

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