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D'Acunto M., Salvetti O. Image analysis aided by segmentation algorithms for techniques ranging from scanning probe microscopy to optical microscopy. vol. 2 Antonio Méndez-Vilas, Jesús Díaz Álvarez (eds.). (Microscopy Book Series, vol. 4). Badajoz, Spain: Formatex Research Center, 2010.
Microscope image analysis is a common term that covers the use of digital image processing techniques to process and analyse images obtained with all the range of available microscopes, ranging from the Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) family, operating down to atomic scale, to Optical Microscopy (OM). Such processing techniques are now commonplace in a number of different fields such as medicine, biology, physics, chemistry, engineering. As a consequence, a number of manufacturers of microscopes now specifically design in features that allow the microscopes to interface to an image processing tool. Nevertheless, in many applications where a rough image analysis is requested, image processing systems are not enough for corrections of specific instrumental distortions or for the correct recognition of unknown sample features. In this chapter, we describe the fundamental aid offered by segmentation techniques for image analysis of microscopes operating on different scales. Several segmentation algorithms are described and commented looking how they work when applied to various scale lengths.
In questo capitolo presentiamo alcune tecniche efficaci di trattamento di immagini. La rassegna critica discute l'efficacia del pattern recognition per l'analisi delle immagini nel campo delle varie microscopie, dalla microscopia ottica alla microscopia a forza atomica, e nel campo della diagnosi medica per il miglioramento della diagnostica per immagini.
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Subject Image Analysis
C.3 Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems

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