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Bolognesi T. Building Discrete Spacetimes by Simple Deterministic Computations. In: ERCIM News, vol. 83 pp. 52 - 53. ERCIM EEIG, 2010.
The Computational Universe conjecture relates complexity in physics with emergence in computation. Our current research efforts are meant to put the surprisingly powerful notion of (computational) emergence at the service of recent quantum gravity theories, with special attention to the Causal Set Programme, which assumes causality among events as the most fundamental structure of spacetime, and causal sets as the most appropriate way to describe it.
URL: http://ercim-news.ercim.eu/en83/rd/buiding-discrete-spacetimes-by-simple-deterministic-computations
Subject Spacetime
Causal sets
Emergence in computation
Elementary Cellular Automata
Two-dimensional Turing Machines
F.1.1 Models of Computation
57-04 Explicit machine computation and programs

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