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Tonellotto N., Danelutto M., Vanneschi M., Laforenza D., Zoccolo C. Modeling stream communications in component-based applications. In: Scalable Computing: Practice and Experience, vol. 11 (3) pp. 263 - 275. Special Issue: Parallel, Distributed and Network-based Computing: an Application Perspective. Pasqua D'Ambra, Daniela di Serafino, Mario Rosario Guarracino, Francesca Perla (eds.). West University of Timisoara, 2010.
Component technology is a promising approach to develop Grid applications, allowing to design very complex applications by hierarchical composition of basic components. Nevertheless, component applications on Grids have complex deployment models. Performance-sensitive decisions should be taken by automatic tools, matching developer knowledge about component performance with QoS requirements on the applications, in order to find deployment plans that satisfy a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This paper presents a steady-state performance model for component-based applications with stream communication semantics. The model strictly adheres to the hierarchical nature of component-based applications, and is of practical use in launch-time decisions.
URL: http://www.scpe.org/vols/vol11/no3/SCPE_11_3_04.pdf
Subject Grid Computing
D.1.3 Concurrent Programming

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