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Quattrociocchi W., Latorre D., Lodi E., Nanni M. Dealing with interaction for complex systems modelling and prediction. In: International Journal of Artificial Life Research (IJALR), vol. 1 (1) pp. 1 - 11. IGI Global, 2010.
The increasing complexity of problems in the context of system modelling is leading to a new epistemological approach able to provide a representation which allows from one hand, to model complex phenomena with the support of mathematical and computational instruments, and on the other hand able to capture the global system description. In this paper is presented a methodology for complex dynamical systems modelling which is an extension of the supervised learning paradigm. The theoretical aspects of our methodology are introduced and then two different and heterogeneous case studies are presented.
URL: http://www.igi-global.com/bookstore/Article.aspx?TitleId=38930
DOI: 10.4018/jalr.2010102101
Subject Complex systems
Agent simulation
H.3.4 Systems and Software

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