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Chessa S., Leitgeb E., Nadeem F., Zaman S. The effects of weather on the life time of wireless sensor networks using FSO/RF communication. In: Radioengineering, vol. 19 (2) pp. 262 - 270. Brno University of Technology Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, 2010.
The increased interest in long lasting wireless sensor networks motivates to use Free Space Optics (FSO) link along with radio frequency (RF) link for communication. Earlier results show that RF/FSO wireless sensor networks have life time twice as long as RF only wireless sensor networks. However, for terrestrial applications, the effect of weather conditions such as fog, rain or snow on optical wireless communication link is major concern, that should be taken into account in the performance analysis. In this paper, life time performance of hybrid wireless sensor networks is compared to wireless sensor networks using RF only for terrestrial applications and weather effects of fog, rain and snow. The results show that combined hybrid network with three threshold scheme can provide efficient power consumption of 6548 seconds, 2118 seconds and 360 seconds for measured fog, snow and rain events respectively resulting in approximately twice of the life time with only RF link.
URL: http://www.radioeng.cz/fulltexts/2010/10_02_262_270.pdf
Subject FSO
Hybrid network
Wireless sensor networks
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks
C.2.2 Network Protocols

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