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Andrade P., Candela L., Castelli D., Manzi A., Pagano P. The D4Science production infrastructure. Technical report, 2009.
This report documents the state of the D4Science production infrastructure at the end of the homonymous project. This infrastructure is characterized by the set of hardware and software resources, and by procedures deployed to provide D4Science user communities with a reliable production service. In particular the report describes the sites and nodes allocated to the infrastructure and how these have been evolving since the setting up of the production infrastructure. It also presents the portal of the infrastructure giving details of the existing virtual research environments (VREs) and associated users communities. Overall, the infrastructure managed ( i) 42 content collections containing more than 28,800 compound Information Objects, ( ii) 97 metadata collections with multiple metadata schema including Dublin Core, ISO19115 and proprietary formats containingmore than 54,300 metadata records, and ( iii) more than 380 WS-Resources representing full text, forward and geo indices supporting the search over these data.
Subject Hybrid Data Infrastructure
Virtual Research Environments
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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