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Locuratolo E. Mapping Integration for Designing the ASSO Methodology. TR. Technical report, 2009.
A formal conceptual approach to mapping integration which favours the definition of correct conceptual methods is proposed, and MetaASSO, the sequence of mappings resulting into a database design methodology for quality, is described. The conceptual formalization of this approach is based on a homogeneous framework of modelling which facilities the integration of horizontal and vertical mappings, while guaranteeing the approach "goodness". Specifically, an initial consistent conceptual model is correctly mapped to a corresponding consistent logical model. The initial conceptual model is then gradually extended exploiting model extensions compatible with the previous models. This allows to determine corresponding mapping extensions from conceptual models to logical models, which result to be correct without any need of proofs. The correctness and the other quality features which make this approach a "good approach" are discussed
Subject Meta-modeling, Conceptual methods, Mapping integration
H.1 Models and Principles
H.2 Database Management
F.4 Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages

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