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Esuli A., Fagni T., Sebastiani F. Machines that learn how to code open-ended survey data. Part II: experiments on real respondent data. Technical report, 2009.
In a previous paper we have described a novel approach to coding verbatim responses to open-ended questions that relies on machine learning, and we have introduced VCS(TM), a working computerized system that we have designed and implemented according to this approach. In the present paper we present the results of a number of experiments we have run on several datasets of respondent data in order to assess the accuracy and the efficiency of VCS(TM).
Subject Survey coding
Open-ended questions
Open-ended responses
Automatic coding
Machine learning
I.2.6 Learning (K.3.2)
I.5.2 Design Methodology. Classifier design and evaluation
J.1 Administrative Data Processing. Marketing

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