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Pagano P., Milano D., Andrade P., Tsakalozos K., Gargana R. D4Science - Procedures and resources plan. D4Science 212488. Project report DSA1.1b, 2009.
This deliverable provides an overview of the D4Science production infrastructure, i.e. the set of hardware and software resources deployed to provide D4Science user communities with a high quality production service. It updates deliverable DSA1.1a and plans the deployment of the infrastructure for the second year of the project. In particular, the deliverable updates on the procedures that are being exploited for the deployment and maintenance of the infrastructure. Moreover, it describes the different roles responsible for the execution of such procedures and the tools exploited. The deliverable also covers the resources allocated to the production infrastructure by presenting detailed information about the hardware currently allocated to the infrastructure and the plans for new resources until the end of the project.
Subject Infrastructure
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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