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Andrade P., Manzi A., Pagano P. D4Science-II - Procedures and resources plan. Data infrastructure ecosystem for science. Deliverable DSA1.1a, 2009.
The D4Science-II project aims to build a Knowledge Ecosystem by promoting, defining, and implementing interoperability between the D4Science e-Infrastructure and other data e-Infrastructures. This Ecosystem will therefore be composed by multiple resources of different nature, provided by geographically distributed organizations. In order to create such ecosystem, the project will focus on the deployment and exploitation of mechanisms and policies for the interoperability of application-level infrastructure and infrastructural services. The objective is the D4Science-II SA1 Knowledge Ecosystem Operation work package is to deploy and maintain the central services of the D4Science e-Infrastructure to allow the interoperability with other e-Infrastructures, and the creation of multiple Virtual Organizations (VOs) and Virtual Research Environments (VREs) supporting different scientific scenarios. The D4Science e-Infrastructure is composed by different resources (hardware, data, services) provided by project members and other external organizations. This deliverable presents the hardware resources allocated by D4Science partners to the project e-Infrastructure by providing detailed information about the hardware characteristics and the deployment plan to exploit such nodes. This deliverable also presents the procedures defined by the D4Science Service Activity to efficiently operate the Ecosystem. The implementation of these procedures is carried out by a well defined set of roles and is based on a number of collaboration tools. These roles and tools are also described in the deliverable.
Subject Ecosystem
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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