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Lázaro J., Huertas S., Furfari F., Amoretti M., Tazari S. PERSONA - First Technical Evaluation Report. PERceptive Spaces prOmoting iNdependent Aging. Deliverable IR3.7.2, 2009.
The objective of the current deliverable is to make a first evaluation of the technical results of PERSONA project. The current evaluation is based on the requirements defined in IR3.7.1, and it is focused on the platform (middleware plus platform components) without taking into consideration neither software components nor hardware components directly connected to AAL Services. The evaluation of AAL Services and hardware components will be reported in IR3.7.3. In this IR an update of the Risk Registry from IR3.7.1 is provided.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
Context-aware Computing
Mobile Middleware
D.2.11 Software Architecture

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