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Furfari F., et al. .. PERSONA - Second Period Dissemination Activity Report. PERceptive Spaces prOmoting iNdependent Aging. Deliverable IR4.3.2, 2009.
This document describes the Second Period Dissemination Activity Report of the PERSONA project. Numerous dissemination activities have been undertaken during this period to widely spread the PERSONA project results to the relevant international scientific community and to increase public awareness of its potentials and benefits for the elderly based on Ambient Assisted Living framework. The Consortium‟s has disseminated extensively the existence of PERSONA project and its goals, not only within Europe but also internationally, in order to present Europe as a major world force in the relevant scientific and industrial field and to open international markets to European companies. Thus, dissemination has addressed the international community on scientific and industrial/commercial level and served as a promotion of the project to experts (i.e. product or project managers, researchers of various interests, general public, etc.). Towards this goal the following actions have been taken for disseminating the PERSONA project results: i. Presentation of main result through the World Wide Web ii. Production of dissemination material for the PERSONA project (brochure/leaflet/fact sheet, poster, video film, multimedia contents) iii. Publications in Technical magazines iv. Participation in Technical Exhibitions, Conferences and major fairs focusing on products relative to the results of the project v. Involvement of Academic and Industrial Key Actors in the dissemination strategy vi. Participation in Social Networks where PERSONA will be announced Dissemination activities are important for the Consortium also on a partner level, that is, internal communication to assure knowledge sharing and a common understanding. Making the Consortium partner‟s competencies known can prove beneficial for promoting their activities as well. Regardless the specific partner contribution in the Work Package, all partners have taken part in dissemination activities even on a different level. This contribution takes several forms, ranging from artistic design in the dissemination material to scientific papers on PERSONA project at international, European and local workshops, exhibitions and conferences. Thus it has been essential that all partners had a preliminary idea of their planned dissemination activities either for PERSONA purposes exclusively or for general purposes where PERSONA project has been shown. This report is a working document that will be periodically updated along PERSONA project life. It will be updated at the end of the project (month 42-june 2010) with the release of the "Deliverable 4.3.-Final Dissemination Report". Moreover, PERSONA Dissemination Report has been reviewed to include the suggestions and guidelines received from the European Commission to increase the overall visibility and publicity around all the e-Inclusion projects. All PERSONA project Consortium has a strong commitment on disseminating PERSONA project and its role within the Strategic Objective "AAL for the Ageing Society" of the 6th Framework Program of the European Commission.
Subject Ambient Assisted Living
Context-aware Computing
Mobile Middleware
D.2.11 Software Architecture

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