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Lenzi S., et al. .. INTERMEDIA - Overall architecture and software of integrated demonstrators. Interactive Media with Personal Networked Devices. Deliverable D10.3, 2009.
The InterMedia project is researching on interdisciplinary aspects of user-centric multimedia, mobile and wearable interaction, multimedia content annotation and adaptation, and networking and DRM. The cooperative development of partners from different fields results in multiple demonstration of software systems. The InterMedia team identified ten aspects to be realized in small software demonstrators. The demonstrators show feasibility and usefulness of realizations of the aspects, as well as the interoperation between components developed by a high number of partners. All demonstrators have been realized by a team of 2-4 partners, of which one partners is in the lead of the development. Each demonstrator works in a specific technical context of hardware and software infrastructures, often based on distributed system architectures. The software architectures cope with the physical distribution and interplay between components developed by different partners. Interfaces and control flow between hardware and software component have been identified. This deliverable documents the technical issues associated with the realisation of the ten aspects. It inspects each of the software systems developed for the InterMedia demonstration regarding three technical aspects: 1. The technical infrastructure: Hardware components, roles and relationships, and software libraries 2. The software architecture: Software components, data and control flow 3. The realization of the system. The views on the software architectures describe each system from a point of view that helps to really understand the interplay and utilization of InterMedia components to fulfil certain tasks. The view on the infrastructure defines the physical environment in which the system is intended to run, comprising different kinds of network nodes and devices, and the communication between them. The development addresses issues involved with the system development process, comprising implementation, configuration, testing, continuous integration and software quality in general.
Subject Dynamic Networking
Context-aware Network
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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