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Candela L., Di Marcello P., Frosini L., Lelii L., Pagano P., Simi M., et al. .. D4SCIENCE - Science system high-level design. DIstributed colLaboratories Infrastructure on Grid Enabled Technology 4 Science. Deliverable DJRA1.1b, 2009.
D4Science is a complex and innovative e-Infrastructure which is capable to support a powerful notion of resources sharing and Virtual Research Environments. This report is the second version of a series (DJRA1.1) dedicated to document the design of the software system, named gCube, which has been used to realise such e-Infrastructure, by introducing the Reference Model and the Reference Architecture governing it. The design of the gCube Core Framework, the gCube Infrastructure Enabling services, the gCube Information Organisation services, the gCube Information Retrieval services and the gCube Presentation services are presented. The deliverable has been produced by starting from the previos version and changing the sections that need to be revised because of system design changes.
Subject gCube
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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