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Di Giandomenico F., Et al .. CRUTIAL - Dissemination and exploitation. Critical Utility InfrastructurAL Resilience. Deliverable D.21, 2009.
This deliverable presents the final results and achievements concerning dissemination and exploitation in CRUTIAL. First, the dissemination actions undertaken by the CRUTIAL consortium in WP6 during the three years duration of the project are extensively described, explicitly listing the publications produced by the project. Identification of exploitable knowledge as results from the CRUTIAL and synthetic plans for their exploitation are then described. The document is largely based on the previous Deliverable D5 and Deliverable D12, on dissemination produced at the end of the first and second year respectively, and extends them by including dissemination and exploitation activities related to the third project period. Given the very high interest of different stakeholders involved in the topics addressed by CRUTIAL, and of the wider community from public authorities to European citizens which need to rely on resilient electricity supply system, dissemination has been considered a prominent activity of the project. The results achieved during the project will help in designing and assessing resilient electric power and dedicated information infrastructures that will enable to reduce the frequency, duration and extent of blackouts, and possible cyber threats, by better mastering the various dimensions of interdependencies. This will clearly have a large social and economic impact.
Subject Dissemination
C.0 Computer Systems Organization. GENERAL

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