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Chiaradonna S., Di Giandomenico F., Lollini P., Et al .. CRUTIAL - The CRUTIAL modelling framework (Final Version). Critical Utility InfrastructurAL Resilience. Deliverable D.16, 2009.
This deliverable presents the final version of the CRUTIAL modelling framework aimed at describing interdependencies related failures and evaluating their impact on the dependability and security of information and controlled electricity infrastructures, accounting for both accidental and malicious faults. Two main complementary objectives are followed: 1) the development of qualitative models describing cascading, escalating and common cause failures, where the infrastructures are modelled globally at a high abstraction level; and 2) the development of detailed hierarchical quantitative evaluation models of the infrastructures taking into account their internal architectures and the behaviour of their components resulting from the occurrence of electrical and ICT failures and recoveries.
Subject Critical infrastructures
Power systems
Interdependencies modelling

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