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Carlini E., Coppola M., Laforenza D. XtreemOS, an Open-source Grid operating system targeting the future internet. In: ConfSL'09 - III Conferenza Italiana sul Software Libero (Bologna, 12-13 giugno 2009).
XtreemOS is an EU-funded project of the 6th Framework Programme for developing a Linux-based Operating System to go beyond Grids, integrating as a single computing platform many different kinds of devices, from mobile ones to large clusters. The XtreemOS project tackles the challenge to develop the first planetary-scale, reliable and open computing platform, providing scalable support for Virtual Organizations over secure resource federations. Our ultimate goal is to develop both an open source platform, and to foster a community of developers, that will exploit XtreemOS and maintain it. This motivates many of the project design choices, aimed at easing the interaction with the open-source community and at adopting its best practices. We describe how the overall computing platform is structured, stacking two main software layers to support the platform locally and at the network level, and including three different version of the Operating System targeting conventional computing resources, Single-System-Image clusters and Linux-powered mobile devices. We outline the CNR contribution to the project and focus on some of its key components, namely the provision of mechanisms for Virtual Organization management and Security, of Data Management services across federated resources, and of scalable directory services to locate physical and abstract resources. As the development of the system progresses, the consortium will push its use first within the Grid and SOA communities, focusing on variuos classes of users' needs and interests, ultimately targeting the future Internet of Things and Internet of Services.
Subject Virtual Organizations
Grid computing
Operating Systems
Open Source
Distributed Operating Systems
Future Internet
Grid File System
Ubiquitous Computing
C.1.4 Parallel Architectures
C.2.4 Distributed Systems
D.4.4 Communications Management
D.4.6 Security and Protection
D.4.7 Organization and Design

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