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Baglioni M., Masserotti M. V., Renso C., Soriano L., Spinsanti L. A tool for extracting ontologies from geographical databases. In: SEBD 2009 - 17th Italian Symposium on Advanced Database Systems (Camogli, Genova, Italy, 21-24 June 2009). Atti, Seneca Edizioni, 2009.
The last few years have seen a growing interest in approaches that define methodologies to automatically extract semantics from databases by using ontologies. Geographical database quite often lack both metadata and conceptual schema, thus the automatic extraction of semantic information is particularly useful. We describe an approach to extract a geospatial ontology from geographical data stored in spatial database with special regard to handling geographical entities localization. In this work we describe the proposed methodology and the implementation details of the realized ontology extraction system.
Subject Extraction ontologies
Spatial database
H.2.8 Database Management. Database Applications. Spatial databases and GIS

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