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Biagioni S., Giannini S. A hidden treasure on computer science pre-history in Pisa: the CSCE collection. In: GL-11 - 11th International Conference on Grey Literature (Washington D.C., USA, 14-15 December 2009). Abstract, pp. 60 - 64. D.J. Farace, J. Frantzen, GreyNet InternationalGrey Literature Network Service (eds.). (GL Conference Series, ISSN 1385 2316, vol. 11). TextRelease,, 2009.
The collection of the Centro Studi Calcolatrici Elettroniche (CSCE) contains the scientific documentation produced by the staff and associate members of the Center from 1954 to 1968. The historical origins of the CSCE date back to 1955 when the Center was established by the University of Pisa with the specific purpose of designing and building what later became the first electronic computer entirely built in Italy: the CEP (Calcolatrice Elettronica Pisana). In 1968, following an agreement between the University of Pisa and the Italian National Council of Research, CSCE became the Institute for Information Processing of the Italian National Council of Research (IEI-CNR), now Institute for the Science and Technologies of Information "A. Faedo" (ISTI-CNR). From 1968 onwards the documentation produced by the CSCE was stored in paper copy at the library of IEI-CNR / ISTI-CNR. In recent times we have carried out the analysis, the description and the digitization of these historical documents, and turned them into an Open Access digital archive so as to make available "a little treasure" that had long remained hidden. The collection consists of a total of 389 documents subdivided into publications, internal memos, and a large set of technical drawings related to the CEP, depicting logical schemes, schemes of electronic circuits, and mechanical diagrams. The collection documents the various steps in the realization of the CEP, from the first realization of a reduced-functionality prototype, to the design and implementation of the full machine. We have produced bibliographic descriptions of all the documents by using the PUMA publication management system, the software developed by ISTI-CNR for the management of institutional and discipline-specific repositories of the published and unpublished literature produced by CNR. To each bibliographic description we have associated a file obtained from the digitization of the paper copy kept in archive. All the documents, irrespectively of type, can be freely accessed at http://csce.isti.cnr.it/.
Subject CSCE
K.2 History of Computing
H.3.7 Digital Libraries. Collection

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