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Biagioni S., Castelli D., Zoppi F. BELIEF-II Project and Digital Library Overview Grey Literature on e-Infrastructures. In: GL11 - Eleventh International Conference on Grey Literature: The Grey Mosaic, Piecing it All Together (Washington D.C., USA, 14-15 December 2009).
The mission of BELIEF-II is to coordinate effective communication, results, networking and knowledge flow between EU e-Infrastructures projects and their users, promoting their development and exploitation globally. BELIEF-II, funded by the EU's FP7, is a one-stop home for public documentation on e-Infrastructures. More specific objectives are the following: Provide a unique, communication platform (Portal & Digital Library) for projects to manage their content, communicate activities to users and the public to learn more about e-Infrastructures. This information is readily accessible to BELIEF community members through the Digital Library, especially developed to provide a central repository for grey documentation (deliverables, presentations, manuals, reports, technical documents, videos, etc.). Ensure Europe’s diverse e-Infrastructures projects evolve in synergy with one another to ensure common directions and efficient interaction. Reinforce the relevance of Europe’s e-Infrastructures worldwide sustaining successful development and exploitation.
Subject BELIEF-II project
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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