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Girardi M. An application of the averaged Lagrangian method to the dynamics of masonry columns. In: SICON 2009 - Nonlinear Dynamics, Stability, Identification and Control of Systems and Structures (Roma, 21-25 September 2009).
A great number of numerical models has been introduced in order to evaluate the dynamic behaviour of masonry structures but there is, by now, a lack in analytical formulations. Recently [Girardi M., PhD Thesis], an analytical method has been proposed, based on the use of a masonry - like constitutive equation expressed in terms of generalized stress and strains. The equation of the motion has been solved by using the extended Hamilton's principle applied to the averaged Lagrangian of the system. The aim is to find some relations between the characteristics of the excitation and the dynamic response of the beam. The results have been tested by using the f.e.m. code NOSA [Lucchesi M., Padovani C. et al., Masonry Constructions: Mechanical Models and Numerical Applications, Springer] developed by the Mechanics of Materials and Structures Laboratory of ISTI-CNR.
Subject Nonlinear dynamics
Masonry columns
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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