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Mordacchini M., Albano M., Baraglia R., Ricci L. Efficient broadcast on area of interest in voronoi overlays. In: CSE 2009 - International Conference on Computational Science and Engineering (Vancouver, Canada, 29-31 Agosto 2009). Proceedings, vol. 1 pp. 224 - 231. IEEE, 2009.
This paper presents an algorithm to perform the broadcasting of a packet to all the peers that are located into a convex region (Area of Interest) in a Voronoi based peer-topeer network. The proposed algorithm is an advanced version of the Compass Routing algorithm, and it is able to guarantee the delivery of 100% of the packets, while minimizing the total number of packets that travel the network. The algorithm has been theoretically analyzed, and it has been implemented on a proof of concept peer-to-peer application, and experimental results show that the algorithm actually respects the reduced number of total packets used, as per the theoretical analysis.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/iel5/5282954/5282958/05283036.pdf?tp=&arnumber=5283036&isnumber=5282958
DOI: 10.1109/CSE.2009.293
Subject Peer-to-Peer
Resource Discovery
Voronoi Networks
Range Queries
Area of Interest
E.2 Data Storage Representation
F.2.2 Nonnumerical Algorithms and Problems

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