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Bianco G., Bruno F., Tonazzini A., Salerno E., Console E. Recto-verso registration, enhancement and segmentation of ancient documents. In: VSMM 2009 - 15th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia (Vienna, Austria, 9-12 settembre 2009). Proceedings, pp. 131 - 136. Robert Sablatnig, Martin Kampel, Martin Lettner (eds.). IEEE, 2009.
This paper presents some experiments on different image processing techniques combined and adapted to define a procedure aimed at improving the readability of ancient degraded documents. The focus is on documents affected by the bleed-through effect, which significantly reduces readability. The availability of the recto and verso scans of any single page is assumed. The proposed procedure is composed of three steps: recto-verso registration, image enhancement through statistical decorrelation and, finally, image segmentation. As the registration step can strongly influence the results obtained during the subsequent phases, we carried out a comparison of different registration algorithms, in order to evaluate their overall effectiveness on recto-verso processing.
DOI: lO.1109/VSMM.2009.25
Subject Image enhancement
Image registration
Ancient documents
I.4.3 Enhancement - Registration
I.4.4 Restoration

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