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Pradas D., Barsocchi P., Jiang L., Potort́ F., Vazquez Castro M. A. Satellite PHY-layer selector design for video applications in tropical areas. In: IWSSC 2009 - International Workshop on Satellite Space Communications (Siena, Italy, 10-11 settembre 2009). Proceedings, pp. 407 - 411. IEEE, 2009.
This paper aims at providing different cost-efficient solutions for the channel impairments in tropical areas. In order to extend service to isolated areas, we propose an hybrid architecture based on DVB-S2/RCS + Wi-Fi networks. In this scenario, the delay of the ACM reaction to fade changes can affect the quality of the video transmission, especially because of the characteristics of tropical deep fading events. In order to avoid QoS reduction, we focus on the DVB PHY-layer shifted threshold, which we study not only for different Amazon areas and different rain conditions, but also for different reaction delays. The performance of the PHY-layer selector is evaluated in terms of video quality (PSNR), packet error rate and bandwidth efficiency.
Subject DVB-S2/RCS
Video Streaming
Hybrid Network

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