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Coscia M., Giannotti F., Pensa R. G. Social network analysis as knowledge discovery process: a case study on digital bibliography. In: ASONAM '09 - International Conference on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining (Athens, 20-22 July 2009). Proceedings, article n. 279. IEEE, 2009.
Today Digital Bibliographies are a powerful instrument that collects a great amount of data about scientific publications. Digital Bibliographies have been used as basis of many studies focused on the knowledge extraction in database. Here we present a new methodology for mining knowledge in this field. Our approach aims to apply the potential of Social Network Analysis techniques to accomplish this task, using a network representation of bibliography data. Besides we use some Data Mining techniques applied on Social Network representations in order to enrich this new point of view and to evolve our methodology towards a comprehensive local and global Bibliography Analysis tool.
URL: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/tocresult.jsp?isnumber=5231772&isYear=2009&count=83&page=1&ResultStart=25
Subject Social Network
Data Mining
Digital Bibliographies
H.2.8 Database Management

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