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Baccianella S. Multi-faceted rating of product reviews : issues, methods and experiments. 84 p. Germania: VDM Verlag, 2009.
Online product reviews are becoming increasingly popular, and are being used more and more frequently by consumers in order to choose among competing products. Tools that rank competing products in terms of the satisfaction of consumers that have purchased the product before, are thus also becoming popular. We tackle the problem of rating (i.e., attributing a numerical score of satisfaction to) consumer reviews based on their tex- tual content. In this work we focus on multi-facet rating of hotel reviews, i.e., on the case in which the review of a hotel must be rated several times, according to several aspects (e.g., cleanliness, dining facilities, centrality of location). We explore several aspects of the problem, including the vectorial representation of the text based on sentiment analysis, collocation analysis, and feature selection for ordinal-regression learning. We present the results of experiments conducted on a corpus of approximately 15,000 hotel reviews that we have crawled from a popular hotel review site.
Subject Product reviews classification online ordinal regression
I.2.7 Natural Language Processing

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