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Artini M. A dynamic OAI publisher service in the DRIVER repository infrastructure. Technical report, 2008.
OAI-Publishers are software modules enabling harvesting of metadata records describing the digital resources of a Digital Repository. Typically, such modules are manually configured and implemented to export records contained into a local store according to a predefined number of metadata formats. Due to their static nature, these are not apt to the dynamic context of Repository Infrastructures, where a virtual store, made of a dynamic pool of distributed physical stores, may hosts records of unpredictable metadata formats. In this document, we describe the internal architecture of the OAI-Publisher Service built for the DRIVER Repository Infrastructure. The Service is capable of self- configuring its internals so as to adapt to the variable content of the virtual store. Finally, we shall describe some extensions for the creation of dynamic collections and formats.
Subject DRIVER
Repository Infrastructure
Metadata formats
OAI publisher
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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