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Gotta A. Quality pf service and bandwidth allocation in Geo satellite networks: optimization and cross-layer design.
In this thesis I show that a real optimization in radio resource management for satellite networks can be obtained only if cross-layer optimization is applied. Cross-layer optimization is deemed to be a new paradigm for next generation wireless networks, including satellite networks. The combined action of various layers of the network (from the physical layer up to the application layer) is likely to be a good way to combat channel variability, thus approaching as closely as possible an optimal management of the radio resource. However, this procedure is complex and difficult to carry out to the widest possible extent, which would imply numerous cross-layer interactions for control purposes and the related exchange of signalling information. Moreover, when designing cross layer architectures for satellite networks, some care should be taken to conserve the architectural principle of layer separation. In particular, this thesis shows how much is important to define which extent information on lower (e.g. physical) layer parameters should influence control strategies at higher layers. Finally, I discuss some case studies compliant to satellite DVB standards and provide evidence for the benefits of a cross layer design.
Subject Satellite
Resource allocation
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks

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