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Candela L., Pagano P., Simi M. D4SCIENCE - Report on gCube development. DIstributed colLaboratories infrastructure on Grid enabled technology 4 science. Deliverable DJRA4.1a, 2008.
This deliverable provides an overview of the consolidated and enhanced version of the gCube technology resulting from the first 9 months of the project development activity. In particular, it briefly introduces the relations between gCube and gCore as systems and consequently presents the current status of all systems' constituents, statistics documenting the evolution of the code as well as the results of the daily builds programmatically performed. In addition to that, the deliverable is provided with links giving direct access to the latest stable version of the technology as well as to the source code under development. Actually, besides presenting the M9 status of gCube, the deliverable has been designed and implemented thus to evolve according to the software evolution. Consequently, by accessing the Wiki page implementing it the reader is provided with the status of the technology at its access time.
Subject gCube
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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