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Candela L., Pagano P. D4SCIENCE - Resources inventory and plans. DIstributed colLaboratories infrastructure on Grid enabled technology 4 science. Deliverable DSA2.1a, 2008.
This deliverable provides an overview of the set of resources, namely data sources and tools, identified by the user communities as fundamental constituents of their working environments. In particular, such resources are expected to be the building blocks, besides the gCube standard services, of the Virtual Research Environments created to support the community needs. Moreover, having such resources available together with a comprehensive description of each can result in a strong cross-community fertilisation; by promoting community specific data sources or tools, new application scenarios successfully decide to exploit these resources. Besides enumerating and describing such set of resources, the deliverable overviews the procedure implemented to serve the user requests, the actions put in place, and the current status of the procedure for each resource.
Subject Production Infrastructure
Environmental Monitoring Resources
Fishery and Aquaculture Resources
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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