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Castelli D., Baldacci M. B. D4SCIENCE - Report on inter-projects coordination and collaboration. DIstributed colLaboratories infrastructure on Grid enabled technology 4 science. Deliverable DNA2.2a, 2008.
This deliverable reports on the collaborations with other FP6 & FP7 projects and R&D programmes established by D4Science from the beginning of the project to September 2008. These collaborations are of different nature, as they range from purely technical exchanges involving mutual exploitation of technologiesto the sharing of e-Infrastructure resources and to the joint organisation of networking and dissemination events. The deliverable presents these collaborations clustered into: (i) Technological projects, which either develop technologies that can be exploited by D4Science or that use the D4Science developed ones (e.g. EGEE III, Health-e-Child, ETICS-2, SAPIR, DRIVER II, NEON); (ii) User Communities related projects, which comprise projects and initiatives that have started collaborating with D4Science through the mediation of the scientific communities represented in the project (e.g. FIE, FIM, FIES, CGIAR, NAFO, CWP); (iii) Other projects and initiatives, which include EU projects and initiatives addressing aspects complementary to the technological one, like exploitation, outreach and sustainability (e.g. OGF-Europe, BELIEF-II, DL.org) and iv) Standardization Working Groups, which refers to on-going collaborations with standardization Working Groups (e.g. OGF Data Working Group, Dublin Core AgMES-Agricultural Metadata Element Set). We expect that the number of collaborations will be increased in the next future as an effect of the availability of the production infrastructure. These new collaborations will be reported in an update version of this deliverable that will be published at M20.
Subject Cross-fertilization
Technological exploitation
H3.7 Digital Libraries

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