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Donatelli S., Chiaradonna S., Codetta D., Di Giandomenico F., et al. .. CRUTIAL - List of requirements on formalisms and selection of appropriate tools. Critical Utility InfrastructurAL Resilience (IST-FP6-STREP - 027513). Deliverable D.11, 2008.
This deliverable reports on the activities for the set-up of the modelling environments for the evaluation activities of WP5. To this objective, it reports on the identified modelling peculiarities of the electric power infrastructure and the information infrastructures and of their interdependencies, recalls the tools that have been considered and concentrates on the tools that are, and will be, used in the project: DrawNET, DEEM and EPSys which have been developed before and during the project by the partners, and Möbius and PRISM, developed respectively at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and at the University of Birmingham (and recently at the University of Oxford).
Subject Modelling
Performance evaluation tools
Dependability tools
Statistical analysis

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