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Caneschi F., Ceccarelli A., Ciompi P., Iovino D., Majzik I., Bondavalli A. SAFEDMI - Detailed HW and SW specification. Safe Driver Machine Interface (DMI) for ERTMS automatic train control (031413). Deliverable D2.2, 2008.
This document describes the detailed architecture of SAFEDMI, including the chosen fault tolerance mechanisms that ensure a SIL2 level, by - Devising the appropriate architectural components for assuring a SIL2 safety: namely error detection, and improving diagnosis methods for the relevant fault models - Devising reconfiguration and adaptation strategies to cope with the diagnosed faults - Incorporating in the architectural framework an online communication subsystem for remote interactions for configuration, SW and firmware downloading and diagnostic purposes. The architecture detailed specification takes into account, and is based on, the SAFEDMI general architecture document [4], and the requirements specified in the System Requirements document [3].
Subject Fault Tolerance
Driver Machine Interface
Wireless Communications
Resilent Architecture
C.0 Computer Systems Organization. GENERAL
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design

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