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Bertolino A., De Angelis G., Flāvian C., Hoppenbrouwers J., Marchetti E., Polini A., Sabetta A. TAS3 - Trustworthiness - State of the Art. Trusted Architecture for Securely Shared Services (ICT-2007-26955). Deliverable D10.1, 2008.
This document is the first deliverable of TAS3 Work Package 10 (WP10): Quality Measures and Trustworthiness. As stated in the DoW, WP10 objectives are: _ Validating the functionality of the TAS offered services; _ Validating the usability of the TAS architecture; _ Evaluating agreed QoS parameters; _ Analyzing end-user perceived QoS. This deliverable is titled "Trustworthiness-State of the Art", as it is meant to provide an overview of the existing tools and technologies that at current stage we have identified as potentially useful to address the above WP goals. In particular we have organized the deliverable into two parts: in the first part we give a general survey of state of the art on the addressed fields. In the second part, we describe the tools that we will use, adapt and expand in the course of the project. Both parts reflect the organization of the WP into four tasks, which are respectively: T10.1 Automatic XML Instances Generation T10.2 Audition and Run-time Monitoring T10.3 QoS Monitoring and Trust T10.4 Usability Testing In reading the document, it must be considered that at time of writing the TAS3 architecture is still under development, therefore design decisions on technologies and standards have not yet been drawn. For this reason, the described tools and technologies have been considered as neutral or refer to WS* architecture.
Subject Audition testing
Functional and QoS testbed
User-perceived QoS
Usability testing
XML-based testing
D.2.5 Testing and Debugging

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