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Esuli A. Automatic generation of lexical resources for opinion mining: models, algorithms and applications. In: SIGIR Forum. Abstract, vol. 42 (2) pp. 105 - 106. ACM, 2008.
Opinion mining is a recent discipline at the crossroads of Information Retrieval and of Computational Linguistics which is concerned not with the topic a document is about, but with the opinion it expresses. It has a rich set of applications, ranging from tracking users' opinions about products or about political candidates as expressed in online forums, to customer relationship management. Functional to the extraction of opinions from text is the determination of the relevant entities of the language that are used to express opinions, and their opinion-related properties. For example, determining that the term beautiful casts a positive connotation to its subject. In this thesis we investigate on the automatic recognition of opinion-related properties of terms. This results into building opinion-related lexical resources, which can be used into opinion mining applications.
URL: http://www.sigir.org/forum/2008D-TOC.html
Subject Opinion mining
Sentiment analysis
Lexical resources
I.2.7 Natural Language Processing

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