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Leporini B., Palagi E., Norscia I. Virtual visit of the Primate Gallery of the Museum of Natural History and Territory (University of Pisa): accessibility and usability for blind users. In: Folia Primatologica. Abstract, vol. 79 (3) p. 156. Special issue: 18th Meeting of the Italian Primatological Society (Calci, Pisa, 16-18 May 2007). S. Karger, 2008.
Usability guidelines are available to design web site visits accessible to the blind users. However, the actual usability of accessible web pages changes depending on the type of information the user is dealing with. Museum web sites including specimen/exhibition hall descriptions need specific requirements to allow vision-impaired users, who navigates using a screen-reader (a device that reads the text of the page), to access pieces of information based on a visual perception. Here we address the additional usability guidelines applied to the web pages describing the Primate Gallery of the Museum of Natural History and Territory (University of Pisa).
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Subject Museum
People with disabilities
H.5.2 User Interfaces

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