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Vairo C., Albano M., Chessa S. A secure middleware for wireless sensor networks. In: MIMES - 1st International Workshop on Middleware for Mobile Embedded Peer-to-Peer Systems (accompaining Mobiquitous 2008) (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, 25 July 2008).
SMEPP Light is a middleware for Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) based on mote-class sensors. It is derived from the specification developed under the framework of the SMEPP pro ject, to deal with the hardware and software constraints of WSNs. SMEPP Light features group management, group- level security policies, mechanisms for query injection and data collection based on a subscribe/event mechanism, and adaptable energy efficiency mechanisms. In this paper we present the SMEPP Light specification, its architecture and its main protocols for communication, security, and energy efficiency.
Subject Wireless Sensor Networks
Embedded Networked Systems
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design. Wireless communication

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