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Cignoni P., Gobbetti E., Pintus R., Scopigno R. Color enhancement for rapid prototyping. In: VAST 2008 - The 9th International Symposium on VAST International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (Braga Portugal, 2-5 December 2008). Proceedings, M. Ashley, S. Hermon, A. Proenca, K. Rodriguez-Echavarria (eds.). The Eurographics Association, 2008.
We propose to exploit the color capabilities of recent rapid prototyping hardware devices to enhance the visual appearance of reproduced objects. In particular, by carefully pre-computing surface shading, we are able to counterbalance the sub-surface scattering (SSS) effects that hinder the perception of fine surface details. As a practical result, we are able to reproduce small scale copies of cultural heritage artifacts with an increased readability of the tiniest features and particulars, without requiring manual post-reproduction interventions or hand painting.
URL: http://vcg.isti.cnr.it/Publications/2008/CGPS08/colorprint_final.pdf
Subject Computer Graphics
I.3 Computer Graphics

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