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Cignoni P., Pitzalis D., Menu M., Aitken G. 3D enhanced model from multiple data sources for the analysis of the Cylinder seal of Ibni-Sharrum. In: VAST 2008 - The 9th International Symposium on VAST International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (Braga (Portugal), 2-5 December 2008). Proceedings, pp. 79 - 84. M. Ashley, S. Hermon, A. Proenca, K. Rodriguez-Echavarria (eds.). Eurographics, 2008.
In this paper we present the result of the integration of multiple data sources of different 3D acquisition techniques. These acquisitions have been done in order to create a new way to document works of art that have been applied to the "Cylinder seal of Ibni-Sharrum". X-ray tomography has been used to reveal the exact position of inclusions and the presence fissure in the mineral structure; optical micro topography gives the prints of the surface of the seal with a unparallelled precision of up to 0.1μm. Finally a lower resolution 3D model obtained via photogrammetry has been used as a starting point where the tomographic and micro topographic data sets have been superimposed and integrated without precision loss. Furthermore, the textures obtained from HDR photographs has been registered and merged onto the high resolution mesh. These methods have pros and cons that will be discussed and the final obtained model will be the sum of all the complementary cons. The final result of this interdisciplinary investigation will help the curator to better describe the fabrication techniques used in order to achieve the final object and a contemporary artist to do a reproduction of the cylinder at a scale of 1000:1.
Subject 3D scanning
Cultural heritage
Computer graphics
I.3 Computer Graphics

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